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Adelphi Technology Inc.
2003 E. Bayshore Road
Redwood City, CA 94063
Tel: +1 (650) 474 2750
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Products available:

Neutron generators:

Product Fast Neutron Output (n/s) Thermal Neutron Flux (n/s/cm2) Description
2.45 MeV Neutron Sources
DD110 1 × 1010 - Laboratory neutron source (very high output)
DD109.4 4 × 109 - Laboratory neutron source (high output)
DD109.1 1 × 109 - Laboratory neutron source (medium output)
DD108 1 × 108 - Economy laboratory neutron source
Thermal Neutron Sources
DD110MB 2 × 1010 5 × 107 Multi-beam, high output thermal neutron source
DD110M 1 × 1010 2 × 107 Multi-beam, high output thermal neutron source
DD109M 2 × 109 2 × 106 Laboratory thermal neutron source
14.1 MeV Neutron Sources
DT110 1 × 1010 - High output DT neutron source
DT108API 1 × 109 - Associated Particle Imaging (API) source

Moderators and shielding are also available for each generator.


2.45 MeV Neutron Sources

Our 2.45 MeV neutron generators are ideal for use in university or government labs for research or teaching. They are ideal for imaging, activation experiments and materials analysis.

Thermal Neutron Sources

The DD109M is an ideal neutron source for Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA) applications because it is designed to have a high neutron flux yet is compact enough for use in a university laboratory environment. The DD110MB is our highest-flux source and is suitable for use in lieu of a nuclear reactor for some activation analysis applications. Moderator and shielding options are available for these generators.”

14.1 MeV Neutron Sources

14.1MeV neutrons are more penetrating and enable large objects to be interrogated. The DT108API an Associated Particle Imaging (API) neutron source used for large volume imaging and materials identification such as materials in shipping containers. The DT110 is a 14.1 MeV, high yield, neutron source. This generator may find uses for inspection and imaging.


Product Description
Liquid Noble Gas (LNG) detector Large volume low cost of ownership detector
Phoswich detector Independently measures fast & thermal neutrons + gamma rays

Laboratory facilities and contract research

Adelphi Technology maintains it’s own neutron laboratory facilities for use by customers. Adelphi Technology is also available for contract research and development projects.